Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines the methods by which the personal information of Users (referring to individuals utilizing the website of the Store, including Customers who place orders as defined below) on the website of the Store available at the web address, subsequently referred to as the "Store," is managed.

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you will not be able to utilize the Store's website, including the placement of Orders.

The entity responsible for the personal data of Users is "Rendo Konrad Tatarowicz ul. Równoległa 96 42-263 Słowik, Poland. , NIP number: 5732353700, and REGON: 366209860. It is the proprietor of the Store that sells Goods through it, based on the terms outlined in the Regulations, without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties, utilizing the telecommunications network. This entity will henceforth be referred to as the "Seller."

  1. Security and Protection of Personal Data The Seller affirms that it handles Users' personal data in alignment with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council dated 27 April 2016, concerning the safeguarding of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as the free movement of such data, and the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter GDPR). Specifically, the Seller, considering the nature, scope, context, and objectives of personal data processing, as well as the risk of infringing upon the rights or freedoms of individuals with varying likelihood and severity, employs appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that processing is carried out in accordance with the GDPR, and to be able to substantiate this.

  2. Extent of Data Collection The Seller gathers Users' data, particularly those who place Orders (referred to as "Purchaser"), as specified in the Regulations. For the establishment of an account with the Store, Users are required to furnish information essential for using the Account service. This information includes their name, surname, email address, and password for the account. The email address provided by the User also serves as their login for the Store. To make an Order, the Purchaser must provide data necessary for its execution and for communication with the Purchaser. This includes their name, surname, email address, delivery address, and phone number.

  3. Purpose of Data Collection The processing of the User's personal data serves the following purposes:

  • The execution and fulfillment of a contract for the provision of electronic services, if the User utilizes such services.
  • The execution and fulfillment of a sales contract, including addressing potential complaints.
  • In the case of Goods purchase, personal data are also collected for accounting purposes, ensuring proper record-keeping for the Seller.
  • Responding to inquiries submitted through the contact form.
  • In instances where the User expresses interest in receiving marketing content from the Seller, personal data are processed for the purpose of sending such content.
  • Addressing requests related to personal data.

Providing personal data is voluntary; however, it is a prerequisite for entering into a contract for electronic services as well as a sales contract. Failure to provide this data by the User will result in the Seller being unable to provide services or conclude and fulfill the sales contract. Regarding the sending of marketing content as per the User's request, providing personal data is optional. Nevertheless, not providing this data will lead to an inability to send such content. The User's personal data will not be used for automated decision-making, including profiling.

Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data

The lawful grounds for the processing of users' personal information include:

  1. The requirement to process this information to initiate and carry out a contract for electronic service provision – when users engage with such services.
  2. The need to process this information to establish and fulfill a sales agreement, including addressing any grievances.
  3. When purchasing goods, it is necessary to process information to fulfill the legal obligation of the seller, which involves maintaining accounting records. This responsibility stems from commonly applicable legal regulations, notably the Tax Ordinance Act of 29 August 1997, the Accounting Act of 29 September 1994, and the Value Added Tax Act of 11 March 2004.
  4. Data processing is essential to meet objectives arising from the seller's legitimate interests, which include managing correspondence and responding to inquiries.
  5. If a user indicates interest in receiving marketing materials from the seller, data processing is necessary to attain objectives aligned with the seller's legitimate interests, specifically to execute marketing initiatives pertaining to the seller.
  6. Fulfillment of a legal obligation entails processing data to address notifications concerning personal data protection.
  7. 6. Personal data storage periods

  8. Personal information utilized to finalize and execute the agreement for electronic service provision will be retained throughout the user's utilization of these services, in adherence to the established Regulations. Subsequent to the discontinuation of service usage, specific personal data of the user, including their name, surname, and email address, will be preserved until the termination of the time frame within which civil law claims are enforceable.

    Personal data processed for the intent of finalizing and executing a sales contract, encompassing the assessment of potential grievances and maintaining the seller's financial records, will be maintained until the conclusion of the periods stipulated by relevant legislation. This signifies up to the point of expiry of the statute of limitations for tax obligations, which could, under specific circumstances, be extended by the statute of limitations applicable to civil law claims.

    Personal data handled to address inquiries submitted through the contact form will be retained for the necessary duration to process the given inquiry.

    Personal data processed with the aim of transmitting marketing materials will be preserved solely for the purpose of safeguarding against potential claims associated with this communication, beginning from the moment a request to cease marketing content transmission is received. This retention will be upheld for the period specified in legal provisions pertaining to the limitation of claims.

    Personal data managed for the purpose of handling requests related to personal information will be stored until the conclusion of the statute of limitations for claims linked to the exercise of rights vested in individuals as outlined in regulations concerning personal data protection.

7. User rights

The User holds the prerogative to determine the extent to which their personal information is employed. Particularly, the User retains the option to retract their consent for receiving marketing materials about the Seller at any given point. The withdrawal of this consent does not impact the legality of transmitting content that was dispatched based on consent prior to its withdrawal. This consent can be revoked through the User's account in the "MY ACCOUNT" menu within the "YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS" section, as well as by selecting the designated link provided within the marketing communications received.

Furthermore, the User possesses the following rights:

  1. The right to request access to their personal data, rectification, erasure, or restriction of processing, along with the right to data portability.
  2. In situations where the User's personal data is processed to pursue the Seller's legitimate interests (including cases where the User expresses interest in receiving marketing content about the Seller), the right to object to the processing of their personal data at any time.
  3. The ability to withdraw consent for personal data processing at any time if such processing relies on their consent. The act of withdrawing consent does not undermine the legitimacy of processing carried out based on the consent prior to its retraction.
  4. The entitlement to file a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, headquartered at ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw.

For any modifications or other requests concerning their personal data, the User may communicate these by sending an appropriate request using the contact information specified in the "Contact Us" section of this Privacy Policy.

8. Cookie mechanism

The online store employs small data files known as cookies, which are stored by the server on the visitor's computer when accessing the store's website. Typically, a cookie includes the originating domain's name, its duration of validity, and a unique random number that serves as its identifier. The use of cookies poses no threat to computers, and viruses cannot infiltrate users' devices through this means. Nonetheless, users have the option to restrict or deactivate cookie access on their computers. While this choice allows general navigation of the store, it might lead to limitations in utilizing specific functionalities.

The data contained in cookies may be processed by the controller when visitors engage with the store's website in order to:

  1. Identify users as logged in and provide them with related notifications.
  2. Retain information about products added to the shopping cart for placing orders.
  3. Remember data from completed forms utilized for orders or login credentials.
  4. Customize the store's website content according to individual preferences and actual needs of the service recipient, including aspects like colors, font size, and page layout.
  5. Offer tailored content and advertisements, provide social features, and analyze site traffic.
  6. Compile anonymous statistics regarding the usage of the store's website.

Commonly used web browsers typically permit the automatic storage of cookies on the user's device. Users retain the ability to modify the "cookies" settings whenever desired. These settings can be adjusted to either block automatic cookie handling within the web browser settings or to receive notifications whenever cookies are placed on the user's device. Comprehensive details about the options and methodologies for managing cookies are accessible through the web browser settings. Failure to alter the settings pertaining to "cookies" implies their placement on the user's device, thereby granting the controller the capability to store and access information on the user's device.

9. IP address

The Seller retains the authority to gather IP addresses of individuals visiting the store's website. This practice proves valuable for identifying technical issues with the server and conducting statistical analyses, such as pinpointing the regions with the highest visitor traffic. Furthermore, these IP addresses can offer insights into the administration and enhancement of the store's operations.

10. Analytical and marketing tools used by us and our trusted partners

Please take note that external parties (including Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd., located at 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland, referred to as Facebook, and Google Ireland Limited, situated at Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland, referred to as Google) might utilize cookies and similar technologies to gather or receive information from the Service or Apps, as well as other online locations. This data can be used to offer measurement and advertisement targeting services. Through the management of your cookie preferences, you have the choice to grant consent for the collection and utilization of information for ad targeting.

Google Analytics

The Website employs Google Analytics, a web analytics tool provided by Google that offers insights into the data traffic of the Website. This tool is utilized to compile statistics that aid in tailoring the content of our websites according to your preferences and consistently enhancing their performance. Adjusting your web browser settings enables you to prevent the installation of cookies. Additionally, you can prevent Google from collecting data through cookies and regarding the Website's usage by installing an add-on that blocks the embedding of Google Analytics scripts in your browser, available at Further details about Google Analytics can be found at The use of Google Analytics may lead to the transfer of personal data associated with website use outside the European Economic Area. Such data transfer is founded on the standard contractual clauses established between the Controller and the tool provider. It is recommended to review the personal data processing agreement at, including the included standard contractual clauses at Information concerning Google's data utilization when using partners' websites and applications is accessible at, including the standard contractual clauses at

Google Analytics (DoubleClick) Advertising Functions

In addition to Google Analytics (as described above), DoubleClick advertising functions are activated on this website, leading to the collection of supplementary data via Google cookies beyond the typical implementation of Google Analytics. Alongside Google Analytics cookies, third-party cookies are utilized on our website for this purpose. The objective of DoubleClick is to present pertinent advertisements, both from us and third parties. Your browser is assigned an identifier (ID) serving as a type of pseudonym, enabling tracking of displayed ads and user-clicked ads. The use of DoubleClick cookies allows the display of ads tailored to prior visits to our website and others. Data generated by these cookies is sent to a server in the USA for evaluation and storage by Google. This data is shared with external companies solely in compliance with legal regulations or within the scope of order-specific data processing. Google will not combine this data with other stored data. While you can opt to reject cookies and configure your browser accordingly, please be aware that doing so might limit the website's full functionality. You can also prevent data collection by Google through cookies and data associated with your website use by downloading and installing the browser plug-in accessible at this address. Additionally, you can deactivate DoubleClick cookies on the Digital Advertising Alliance website: The information regarding "Google Analytics" also applies to Analytics advertising features. Detailed information about DoubleClick can be found at:

Google Ads

Google Ads is a tool facilitating the assessment of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, including the analysis of gathered data. It enables us to display ads to individuals who have previously visited the Service. Information about Google's data processing in relation to Google Ads can be found at

11. Access to Third Party Data

Only authorized personnel or subcontractors of the Seller and entities engaged in providing services to the Seller (such as accounting, IT and technical support services, as well as document archiving and disposal) possess direct access to the personal data gathered by the Seller. Access is granted solely to those who require the data to fulfill their responsibilities. In cases where users opt for registration or logging in via an external service (e.g., Facebook), the user shares solely information concerning the utilization of the Seller's Store with the external service. Furthermore, entities responsible for delivering the purchased items are granted access to the personal data of buyers, only to the extent essential for ensuring successful delivery. Similarly, entities assisting purchasers in making payments for their orders are given access to the relevant data provided by the purchaser. Users' personal data might be disclosed to entities entitled to receive such information as per applicable laws, notably to competent judicial authorities.

12. Disclaimer

This Privacy Policy does not extend to any details concerning services or products from entities apart from the Seller, which might be presented on the Store pages for commercial, guest, reciprocal, or non-commercial reasons unrelated to achieving commercial outcomes. The Seller assumes no responsibility for the actions or oversights of buyers that lead to the processing of their personal data by the Seller, following the guidelines outlined in this Privacy Policy.

13. Contact us

Any additional questions regarding the Privacy Policy should be sent to the Seller's address Rendo ul. Równoległa 96 42-263 Słowik, Poland In matters relating to data protection, the Seller can be contacted at:

  1. e-mail - by sending a message to the following address:
  2. by mail - sending correspondence to the following address: Rendo ul. Równoległa 96 42-263 Słowik, Poland